Ekor 4D Lottery Platform

Ekor 4D lottery platform is one of the most trusted and reliable 4D lottery online platforms in Malaysia that offers a great selection of 4D lotto providers in Malaysia and Singapore to the players in Winbox. With Ekor 4D lottery platform, it is committed to provide the players a safest platform to place their bet on lotteries online without going out of the house.

Ekor 4D lottery helps the players to enter the games directly without a third party involved. Besides that, it offers promotions and bonuses to the players also like welcome bonus, daily bonus and daily rebate also. It also accepts multiple payment options to the players to place their bet like DuitNow, E Wallet, ATM cash in and online transfer.

Today you can play the lottery online everywhere and anytime you want as long as there is internet connection. Ekor gives you access to exciting daily and weekly draws from Southeast Asia lotteries. Play now and maybe you will be the next winner who wins our jackpot!

Advantages of Ekor 4D Lottery Platform

  1. 24/7 Customer Service

Winbox provides 24/7 customer service to the players in Ekor to ensure the customers are able to engage with us whenever they need. The customers can simply reach us out with our live chat support, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and Instagram. Winbox customer support always tries to be responsive and knowledgeable to solve customer issues by meeting their expectations. 

  1. High Rebate and Bonus 

Winbox also offers numerous rebates and bonuses to the players in Ekor like Welcome Bonus, Daily Bonus, Daily Rebate 0.5% everyday! The newcomer can claim a welcome bonus RM20 free credit with a minimum amount of deposit RM20. Besides that, they can also get their daily bonus of RM10 everyday with a deposit amount RM30. The promotions are eligible to all the players that registered under our Winbox affiliate. 

  1. High Efficiency and Fast Transaction

Ekor lottery platform is very convenient to use with simple features and allows everyone to purchase lottery tickets online. Their fast and simple integration with more than 5 payment processors like DuitNow, E Wallets, ATM bank in, Online Transfer, Instant Top Up helps the players easier to deposit their money into their Winbox accounts.  

  1. Various 4D Lottery Betting Providers  

Ekor lottery platform offers a big variety of lottery providers for the players to play and provide them with the latest results everyday, lotto information and lotto news. You are allowed to buy multiple entries at different platforms to increase your winning rate. 

  1. Safe and Secure

Don’t worry, your online purchase lottery is definitely safe with the Winbox Ekor lottery platform. Winbox protects the personal details and account transactions with SSL encryptions and firewall to guarantee your account safety. Winbox is widely trusted because all the player’s winnings are delivered and transferred safely to the player.

4D Lottery Providers

Magnum 4D

Magnum 4D is the first company licensed lotto operator in Malaysia and Singapore and very popular among the people. This is because of the simple and straightforward gameplay. The three 4D operators in West Malaysia are called 4D Magnum. The other three operators in East Malaysia are called Swsweep, Sabah88 and Sandakan4D. 

Da Ma Cai 

First, Da Ma Cai was legalized in Malaysia in 1988 and managed by Pan Malaysian Pools SDN BHD. It is truly brand Malaysian pools and the revenues are not purely generated by the lottery tickets. The organization would allocate part of the profit to other companies to support education and modernize the schools.  

Sports Toto

Sports Toto was established by the Thai Government in 1969 and frequently used in Asia and Malaysia. It can fairly distribute lottery tickets because it owns the national license. As we mentioned, 4D lotteries are commonly played in Malaysia. Sports Toto simply attracted the people with strong compensation and high winnings prize. 

Lucky Hari Hari 

Lucky Hari Hari is one of the most well known lotteries in Malaysia and gradually expanding to other countries in Asia like Singapore and Thailand. Lucky Hari Hari is an absolutely authentic and daily drawn result as the drawn result is live streamed online at 7pm and everyone can watch at the same time. 

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