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  • Wide collection of slot games
  • Mobile-friendly casino games
  • Unlimited promotions and bonuses
  • Multiple security measures to ensure safe
  • Good customer support
  • Narrow variety of game category
  • Lack of social interaction

Introduction to Spadegaming

The pandemic has changed the world in many aspects. The days of betting being held in physical shops where people would go to place their bets are long gone. That being said, there are now reliable betting platforms for any gambling activities all over the internet. Online casino platforms strive to replicate, restore and escalate gaming experience that a traditional casino could present.

It is obvious that the online casino industry has grown rapidly. There is doubly that scams and illegal providers are all over the net, however there are numerous qualified and look-alike providers that are regularly good in different aspects. Out of the outstanding and trustworthy platforms available in the market, what identifies most whether the platform is legally approved and convincing?

SpadeGaming is one of the top reputable software providers in the Asia betting industry with more than 10 years of experience. There are more than 100 slot games created that may require a long time to discover each and every one of the games. They were found to be slot games centric providers. It offers a diverse range of slot games that are greatly inspired by Asian’s exotic and interesting cultures. That shows that their games are well-designed to fit every taste of the Asians as they are backgrounded with Asian-themes. Therefore, it would seem to vary somewhat from the slot games seen in the western.

Despite this, SpadeGaming routinely releases new games and develops new game categories like fishing games and egame. Within a short timeframe, they have been expanded not only in Malaysia, but also in Indonesia, Cambodia, China, Vietnam, and Thailand. SpadeGaming has now developed its headquarter in Malta and the Philippines. With the recognition of the Malta Gaming Authority, they are now offering to players across Europe, expanding its worldwide reach in the iGaming market.

Besides just its product, it also offers exciting promotions and bonuses that are designed to reward the online casino players. In order to be there for its customer, they established a good customer support unit to work around the clock aiming to solve any possible queries from its player, from any part of the world.

Overall Ratings

Trust Fairness: Protected by multiple security measures such as licence from Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), PAGCOR licence from the Philippine, encryption enhancement, Australian-based iTech Labs tested random number generator (RNG).

Games: Wide variety of choices and themes for slot games. Fishing games and egames could be found here as well.

Bonuses: SpadeGaming offers welcome deposit bonus, daily reload bonus, daily super promotion, cash rebate and more.

Customer Support: There will be all-time live chat placed on site for instant chat. The customer support could be also reached via WhatsApp, Telegram, as well as phone call.

Basic information

Website Chat / Whatsapp / Telegram
Game providerSpadegamingCurrenciesMYR
LicensePAGGORLanguagesEnglish / Chinese / Malay /Thai

What’s special about Spadegaming?

Despite SpaceGaming being an Asia-based online casino company, they include worldwide cultures and themes into all of their products, notably the distinctive Asian-themed games that look great on any devices – desktop and mobile with stunning graphics and sound effects for limitless delight. With more than 10 years of experience in innovating one after the other stunning slot games, it is now the pioneer in the gambling industry today.

It is now allowed to expand its products and services to the gaming-entertainment business in Europe thanks to the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) licence. That allows SpadeGaming continuous growth in expanding its products to reach out to newer areas and partner with the leading casino operators around the world.

Having said that, SpadeGaming strives to provide a secure atmosphere for its players. As a software provider, SpadeGaming has no direct contact with the users that access its games on partner websites. However, SpadeGaming thinks that it is their responsibility to provide its partners with all the resources they need to make a secure and pleasurable place for the gamers who love their game.

Safety and Security

Many have doubts towards safety when it comes to online casinos. Questions like: is the site legal, any licence approval, is user data protection measure applied and does the site pay out?

SpadeGaming online casino platform has been protected and encrypted with multiple security measures. As incorporated under the laws of Malta, and it is licenced and regulated by Malta Gaming Authority (MGA); the site is safe and trustworthy. Due to its legitness, the brand has been expanded worldwide not limited to just Asia, which shows a result of the trustability of SpadeGaming.

Besides that, a reputable casino platform would also emphasise on its random number generator (RNG), making sure it has been independently audited by an external auditor, whereas SpadeGaming’s RNG is being tested by Australia-based iTech Labs to ensure fair gameplay and gaming experience.

One of its security measures is in place to secure players’ personal information. This is relatively crucial to be taken caution as it not only indicates a player’s identity but also banking information. SpadeGaming has taken precautions that are commensurate with the severity of any situation in order to preserve the confidentiality of information.

Spadegaming Bonuses and Promotion

As SpadeGaming partners with one of the top rated online casino platforms in Malaysia, Winbox does not only comply in providing a wide range of casino games but also all sorts of exciting promotions and bonuses to its players. These bonuses and promotions may come in different kinds; it may be cash or credits in the app. As long as someone registers for an account on Winbox, they are entitled to some of these great deals that the players are able to use on their favourite games, like SpadeGaming. Here are some of the exciting ones:

[WELCOME BONUS] – Deposit RM20 Get RM20

First off, Winbox offers a welcome bonus to new members who have heard of Winbox and are planning to register themselves with Winbox. Once a user registered a Winbox account, Winbox is given a RM20 free credit when he makes his initial deposit of minimum RM20 into his account, and he will be getting a total of RM40! This is eligible to all players and it is only claimable once. The game credits are usable to play or place bets on all Winbox partnered games.


Another great bonus that Winbox gives – that comes on a daily basis would be Daily Bonus RM10. With a minimum RM30 deposit, Winbox gives an extra RM10; that would be RM40 in total. This bonus is claimable on the same day which player deposits. Plus, players are able to deposit and claim everyday as long as they reach turnover x1. Other than that, there are some minor terms and conditions to comply – just contact the customer service crew, they would love to assist.


For heavy players that may be looking for even greater deals, this Daily Super Promo is perfect for them. It comes in two: deposit RM50 free RM20, and deposit RM150 free RM50. Let’s talk about the former one, this requires the player to reach turnover of 3x; whereas the second one requires turnover of 5x. Both of these free credit bonuses are claimable on the next day of deposit. Last but not least, this special promotion is only applicable to slot games players, therefore for players who play games other than that are unable to claim for free credits even if they have reached the required turnover and deposit amount.

List of Available Games

SpadeGaming is an established Asian software company that has produced a number of fascinating and lucrative slot games. Although it seems to be slot games centric providers, they routinely release new games and develop new game categories like fishing games and egame. Despite having its headquarters in Malta, this is an unmistakably Asian-inspired studio. SpadeGaming slots are fantastic if players like games that are inspired by Chinese and Japanese culture since they have beautiful visuals and engaging gameplay.


As mentioned, SpadeGaming found to be an online casino provider that is significantly good at slot games. Slot games are loved by everyone for a few reasons: easy gameplay, multiple bonuses yet small stakes. Slot games available here are countless and all come with different storyline and particulars. For players who prefer spinning reels with extra features, scatters, multipliers, and expanding wild symbols, this area is for you. SpadeGaming has several exciting video slots. The developer’s video slot machines include a sophisticated UI and 3D/HD graphics.

Sweet Bakery

The theme of Sweet Bakery revolves around a bakery which the shop owner, Hikari Chan happens to be the baker of the shop as well. Players’ mission is to help launch her business and see it through to success without worrying about the mortgage or the studies.

It is a 5 reels 10 lines slot game. The objective is to obtain winning symbol combinations by spinning the reels. Players have opportunities to win on 10 paylines in this game. The Wild Cakes substitutes for all symbols and will expand over the reel and trigger a respin. The respin can go up to 3 spins. There is a Autoplay feature that is recommended to use instead of manually spinning, as it appears to be more profitable as it increases the odds of winning jackpots.


Fafafa is for players who are enthusiastic about animations and single slot games. By simplifying the game to its bare essentials, it enables you to rediscover your delight. This keeps the pay line’s colours varied and the symbol to just one. The different colours represent different multipliers for quick-paced, straightforward action. Suitable for all new or experienced slot game players.

As it is a 3 reels, 1 line slot game, it is pretty easy to play. Players’ objective is to obtain winning symbol combinations by spinning the reels. Players have opportunities to win on 1 payline in this game. Be mindful to play bets in a little increments, the only result you can anticipate if you play too frantically is a losing streak.

Cai Shen 888

Cai Shen, which means God of Wealth, is specifically made for people who believe in good fortune. Typically it is a well-known Asian icon, and the wild of this slot game is the Cai Shen – it substitutes for all symbols except scatters. The symbols are created in warm colours, coupled with shimmering alphabets – all set against backgrounds where numbers are the focus.

Rules are simple, after making a selection of wager, just spin it or autoplay it. To win big money on this slot game, players can increase their bet. The wild symbol on each reel, the winnings are multiplied by 2x and 3x for each spin. Players that are ambitious are advised to play the quick spin setting and place slightly higher bets than other players. The free games are more likely to appear in this manner.


Fishing games have always been one of the most challenging games when it comes to online casinos. Despite the fact that many individuals have shifted from traditional fish hunting games to online fish shooting games, fishing war has never slipped from the top rank.

Fishing games have grown in popularity online over the years. It is none like slot games that require more luck but some skillset. For this reason, many of the fishing games in the market normally come with demo modes. It enables players to enjoy the games without risking any of the players’ game credit. However, players won’t be able to generate real money from demo games either.

There are a few fishing games on SpadeGamings that some emphasis on aesthetics and an immersive gameplay experience, while some include intriguing features like a multiplier, auto-target, bombs, etc.

Fishing God

Fishing God, just like every other fishing game, the rules remain the same. However, the story revolves around the Dragon King, who has accumulated wealth beyond all comprehension, and is located in the depths of the enigmatic ocean. The Dragon King’s mansion was discovered by courageous explorers who ventured to the ocean’s deepest regions, but it had been overrun by an infinite number of fish.

The Dragon King has vowed to share his wealth with those who assist him in reclaiming his mansion as a reward. Achieve huge riches and the title of “Fishing God” by joining the daring explorers who aid the Dragon King today.

Attack the enormous sea creatures with the weapon one has. In this high-stakes game, search for sunken treasures as you compete for the amazing rewards that lie within. It contains excellent qualities that will enable you to get wonderful benefits. The arcade game Fishing God has a multiplayer mode, unique symbols, and entertaining gameplay that will have you on the edge of your seat as you wait for wins to come in.

Alien Hunter

The Alien Hunter, an arcade game by Spadegaming is going to put you in the middle of some intense action. This fish shooting arcade game in which Aliens on the reef replace the usual fish species. The Alien Hunter, like most other SpadeGaming games, is a fantastic 3D game with stunning graphics and animations, as well as realistic sounds.

Although the game is based on the Coral Reef’s undersea life, instead of dealing with typical lovely sea creatures, we are hunting aliens. The player must select a difficulty level and begin hunting with normal bullets or exotic weapons. The latter can be obtained through a bonus purchase, but it is somewhat expensive. The advantage of using the better weapon is that you can shoot larger aliens faster, resulting in more money. Prepare to shoot quickly for big wins.

E-GAME (please do some research on this)

SpadeGaming understands that if slot games and fishing games are not of someone’s taste, perhaps arcade betting games could be one of the best choices. Instead of going sports betting, there is an option for players which is this Egame – arcade betting.

So far, there are a total of 2 games for this Egame category – Derby Express and Monkey Thunderbolt. These two games are quite similar in that the aim is to wager on which participants of a competition will get the top and second to finish a race. There are two types of winnings: bet on the ranking or wager on banker, tie or player. Read more about the two games in the sections that follow if this subject interests you.

Derby Express

A new game category called egame has been introduced by SpadeGaming, who are doing a terrific job. Derby Express is an arcade game where players can wager on horse races. To win the game, the player must wager on which horse will finish first and second in the race. The odds for each wager will change with each new game.

Before the game begins, the player can change their bet number; 1 is used by default. The player can bet on the ranking after choosing their bet number. Each number stands for one horse. After confirming the bet, the game will begin by a click. The player has the option to wager on multiple rankings and side bets. The player can see the last five results on the result board. Depending on the stake made, the odds at which the player wins will vary.

The game offers huge jackpot payouts valued between 3x and 5x players’ stakes in addition to being nicely produced and packed with straightforward yet inventive graphics solutions. Derby Express is brimming with huge Free Racer bonuses in addition to the jackpot and monthly rewards, which will undoubtedly help players increase their bankrolls.

Monkey Thunderbolt

The arcade betting game Monkey Thunderbolt, created and offered by SpadeGaming, is based on a Chinese legendary story about some monkeys who reach the sky to obtain victory. Before humans could ascend to the sky, it was noted that only monkeys could do this. Legendary monkeys would engage in a huge contest every 100 years, with the winner being dubbed the “thunderbolt king.”

To win the game, a player must wager on which monkeys will ascend first and then ascend second in the world. Before the game begins, the player has the option to choose their bet amount; 1 is chosen by default. The player can bet on the ranking after choosing their bet number. Each number stands for one monkey. In addition to betting on rankings, a player may also wager on the banker, a tie, or player. Click to begin after placing your bet.

The player can see the last five results on the result board. Depending on the stake made, the odds at which the player wins will vary. In addition, depending on their luck, players have a chance to win the jackpot, which can range from 3 to 5.

VIP Program

No matter if you are looking for SpadeGaming alone or any online casino great deals that may be provided by Winbox, a VIP program is something that may interest you. So what is the difference between being a normal member versus a VIP member?

VIP members are getting much greater exclusive promotion, treatment and rebate for sure. Other than first-hand bonuses and promotions notification dedicated for VIPs, birthday special deals, monthly lucky draws, there is a “VIP Bonus Program” that is specially designed for them.

As we know Winbox has its daily 4D lottery named Lucky Hari Hari that operates and draws everyday. To correspond with it, Winbox online casino gives VIP angpau events that are only open for VIPs to participate. VIPs are privileged to stand a chance to win cash prizes varying from RM88 to RM888, and yet there is no registration fee required to join.

How does it work? VIPs may contact the Winbox customer service crew and give a lucky number of his choice from 0-9, together with some of his personal information. On the following day, if the first number of the first prize matches the number of your choice, then congratulations for winning cash prizes! If this is not your lucky day, just try it over again as this is an ongoing event for VIPs to join every single day.

How to become a VIP of Winbox? There is no complicated procedure to register as a VIP, regular members will be automatically elevated to VIP after they have satisfied the necessary deposit requirements within the allotted amount of time. Regarding upgrade to any of the VIP tiers, it depends on the deposit amount the player makes over time. Some require time to time necessary deposit requirements, some are of lifetime VIP tier. For more details, feel free to contact our professional customer service unit.

Customer Support

It is fairly common for players to have technological issues or to need assistance browsing the websites of an online casino. For this reason, there is a need for a professional customer support unit that is not just responsive but also accountable and helpful. Winbox, as was to be anticipated, has a customer service team that is now operational.

The team is ready in front of the keyboard almost at all times to assist players on all sorts of issues they may have faced. For instance, queries about how to become a VIP, how to make deposits, claim for free credits, are there any special promotions for that particular month, or many more – just type it out to the customer service team.

It always seems that the only method of communication with an online casino platform that is accessible is the live chat. No doubt that our customer service crew will respond to the demands of the situation after the chatbot is in charge and filter what kind of problem or queries someone is submitting to us via live chat. However, other than the live chat option that is available on the Winbox website, the customer support team is reachable via these methods: WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram DM, Facebook Messenger as well as phone calls.

Spadegaming User Experience and Feature

As an online casino that has years of experience in creating stunning slot games, games are designed with sleek animations, impeccable graphics, and attractive bonus features. Despite being a relatively new name in the gaming industry, Spadegaming implemented great technology, HTML5 that has made the gaming industry easier and more accessible. HTML5-powered games work on all platforms, including iOS and Android. As a result, these games are compatible with all devices, even those with 16:9 aspect ratio. HTML5 technology allows these games to work on any device and maintain an optimal performance for any screen size. Whether you’re playing on a desktop or mobile device, HTML5-powered games are the way to go.

If you’re still not convinced about the online slots from this Asian software developer, there’s no need to worry. Spadegaming has several trusted licenses, including a fully licensed gaming authority in Malta. iTech Labs, one of the largest independent testing laboratories in the gaming industry, also certifies their games. This means that you can play these games with complete confidence. If you’re not sure about the free play demo mode, you can try it for free to find out if they are worth the download and spending money.

There are many different types of slots available at Spadegaming, including classic ones with easy gameplay and fast action. This Asian software company promises a variety of games with high-quality visuals, amazing sounds, and interactive game play. Some of their slot titles have progressive jackpots or multi-level bonus games. These games may even feature unique elements, such as shifting wilds. However, like with all games, there are pros and cons to playing Spadegaming slots.

Payment Methods

In order to have a good and enjoyable time gaming, having a payment option that is dependable and quick is also essential. Also, it is quite unusual to come across a well-known and reliable online gambling platform that does not provide several options for customers to both make deposits and withdraw their winnings.

Winbox works well in this regard since it gives the customer the option of instantly topping up their account from a bank, an ATM bank, an internet transfer, or an e-wallet transfer for all of their transactional operations.

There are several different payment options available via banks, such as Public Bank, RHB, CIMB, and May Bank. The fact that each player is free to choose the manner of payment that is most comfortable and convenient for them means that the Winbox platform offers an exceptionally high level of user friendliness. Without having to go via an intermediary such as an agency or third party, players are able to transfer money into their Winbox accounts.

As guarded by a firewall and SSL encryption, playing with Winbox is completely risk-free and safe. This helps to avoid the disclosure of players’ sensitive personal and financial information. They give 100% of their attention to the security encryption of Winbox programs since Winbox has the most skilled software development team in the industry, and to make sure that Winbox mobile applications are safe to use.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to online casino and slot games, SpadeGaming is, without a doubt, one of the most reliable and reputable options available. It was a win-win situation for both sides when Winbox announced its cooperation with SpaceGaming since it increased the number of registrations and the volume of business for both companies. There is no question that Winbox is a comprehensive online gambling and gaming destination.

One of Winbox’s many strong points is the ease with which users may navigate it. The process of creating an account with Winbox is one that is rather simple and speedy. One just has to scan a dedicated QR code, which can be obtained from the Winbox official website or from any other Winbox user without any further effort.

Winbox is a one-stop entertainment mobile application that brings you a variety of gaming chances that are nevertheless satisfying. Once you have become a member of Winbox, you have the privilege of selecting the game providers from which you choose to play. Immediately after registering, members will be presented with uniquely structured bonuses, promos, and various other rebates.

It is highly advised that those who are interested in establishing strong relationships with Winbox sign up to become VIP members of Winbox. VIPs are given the opportunity to receive exceptional treatments that online casino players would be delighted with and loyal to Winbox. These treatments are in addition to the normal bonuses that ordinary members of Winbox might sometimes enjoy.

FAQ about Spadegaming

SpadeGaming has been protected and encrypted with multiple security measures. Not only licensed and regulated by Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), but also implemented a fair random number generator (RNG) that has been independently audited by an external auditor, Australia-based iTech Labs to ensure fair gameplay and gaming experience. SpadeGaming also takes precautions that are commensurate with the severity of any situation in order to preserve the confidentiality of information.

To download the Winbox application, go to and select according to your mobile operating system, Android or iOS and proceed with downloading. Before it could be successful, one is required to permit the installation on their device. Once it is done, you may start logging in your Winbox account and start playing SpadeGaming!

It is relatively simple to register a Winbox account and start to enjoy games on SpadeGaming. Proceed to the Winbox landing page and click on the option to register, or download the Winbox mobile application. Key in the required personal information including user ID, password and phone number for identity verification.

All players need is a Winbox account to start transaction activities including deposit. After downloading the Winbox app, there are options to top up with; either instant top up or bank transfer. Both options come with several bank options like Public Bank, RHB, CIMB, Hong Leong Bank, AFFIN Bank, Ambank and MayBank.

The procedure to withdraw from a player's existing Winbox account is almost the same as a deposit. After winning from games on SpadeGaming, players may choose to withdraw their winnings via using bank options like Public Bank, RHB, CIMB, Hong Leong Bank, AFFIN Bank, Ambank, Alliance Bank, OCBC Bank, MayBank and more.

If players have any queries to raise, go to SpadeGaming's partner, Winbox official website and look for the live chat option that shall be available 24/7 bottom right of the page. Other than that, the customer service is reachable via communication tools including WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram and also phone calls.

Most of the promotions and bonuses given by Winbox are usable to enjoy on players' favourite SpadeGaming games. All one has to do is to ensure they comply with the requirements, then contact the Winbox customer service via any of the given communication tools like live chat, WhatsApp or phone calls for redemption.

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