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Introduction to 918Kiss

Formerly known as Scr888, 918Kiss is one of Asia’s most popular online gaming platforms. Most players on the betting site are from Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Singapore, among various countries in Asia. However, some players outside the continent also enjoy the services and products of 918Kiss from other countries. While the betting platform was established in 2013, it has established itself as one of the leading gaming sites, offering games such as Slot games, Fishing games, Arcade games, and table games.

Slot games on 918Kiss appear to be the most popular of the different gaming categories on the site. This is understandable as they are available in various payouts, themes, and gameplay. However, if you are a lover of table games and arcade games, you’ll find a handful to choose from. Every game on the betting site is regulated by the Gaming Council, making the gaming experience safe and secure. 918Kiss is trusted by hundreds of players because it maintains a high-security standard while there is a customer support unit in place to assist as necessary. Since the gaming site was rebranded in 2018, it has featured more languages and more payment options. Now, players can access its content in English, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese, and Thai Language. 

All gaming activities from 918Kiss are available on a mobile app. In other words, the betting platform supports the mobile gaming experience. This enables members to play slot games, arcade games, or any game of their choice anytime and anywhere. Also, the 918Kiss app supports Android and iOS smartphones, the most popular operating systems in the gaming industry. A player simply needs to download the app, complete their registration, fund their casino account, and start enjoying the games. If you love to harness bonuses to boost your chances of winning, several bonuses are available on the betting platform. Whether you are a new member or an existing member, 918Kiss offers some of the most lucrative offers to boost players’ chances of winning and keep them loyal.

Overall Ratings

  • Trust Fairness: The gaming site is secured with high-end security measures while also regulated by international authorities.
  • Games: Slot games, table games, and fishing games are available. 
  • Bonuses: Players get to enjoy welcome bonus of 100%, daily bonus that comes as game credits, daily super promo, refer a friend promo, etc.
  • Customer support: If you ever have any questions, you can reach 918Kiss online casino via live chat, telegram, and WhatsApp.

918kiss Basic Information

Websitehttps://www.winboxgame.info/SupportLive Chat / Whatsapp / Telegram
Game provider918KissCurrenciesMYR
LicensePAGGORLanguagesEnglish / Chinese / Malay /Thai

Safety and Security

Player confidentiality and privacy are important in any online casino. For this reason, a betting household without necessary security measures is simply not worth wasting your time on. Otherwise, your personal information can be compromised. In this regard, 918Kiss has put in place sophisticated technologies to shut out impersonators, phishers, and hackers. This is done by setting up a two-factor verification via the site and email. Also, 918Kiss utilizes a 128-bit encryption system to make users’ login details incomprehensible to unauthorized individuals. Additionally, the site uses a strong firewall to protect against unethical hackers.

Bonuses and Promotion

As briefly stated earlier, 918Kiss is one of the generous online casinos worth checking out. Players have a variety of lucrative offers to boost their winning chances and lower the probability of losing. Once you register with the 918Kiss betting platform, you get to enjoy free credit promo, etc. While it’s near impossible to discuss all bonuses available on the gambling site, below are the two most popular options worth exploring after signing up:

[WELCOME BONUS] – Deposit RM20 Get RM20 

Here is one of the exciting offers available with 918Kiss on Winbox. For new members who just registered with Winbox are entitled to claim this welcome bonus. All the player has to do is complete his first deposit of a minimum RM20, he will be given another RM20 as a welcome bonus. This gives him a total of RM40! It is eligible to claim by all new members, then use these credits on any of Winbox’s games like 918Kiss.


Daily Bonus RM10 is a fantastic bonus that Winbox offers and that is given out every day. Winbox offers an additional RM10 with a minimum RM30 deposit, for a total of RM40. The same day a player deposits, they are eligible to claim this bonus. Additionally, gamers can deposit and withdraw money every day provided their turnover reaches x1. Other than that, there are a few minor terms and conditions to follow; if you need help, please get in touch with the customer support team.


This Daily Super Promo is ideal for big gamers who might be looking for even better deals. Both the deposit RM50 free RM20 and the deposit RM150 free RM50 are available. Let’s start with the first one, which calls for a player to reach a 3x turnover, as opposed to a 5x turnover for the second. On the next day after a deposit, you can use either of these free credit bonuses. Last but not least, despite having made the necessary deposit and turnover, players of other games are not eligible to take advantage of this unique deal because it only applies to slot game players.

918kiss VIP Program

VIP Program

A VIP programme may be of interest to you whether you’re looking for 918Kiss only or any fantastic bargains on online casinos that Winbox may provide. So what makes being a VIP member different from being a regular member?

VIP members undoubtedly receive significantly better exclusive promotions, care, and discounts. A “VIP Bonus Program” that is specifically tailored for them exists in addition to first-hand bonuses and promotions notification just for VIPs, birthday special discounts, monthly lucky draws, and more.

As is common knowledge, Winbox offers a daily 4D lottery called Lucky Hari Hari that draws every day. Winbox online casino offers VIP angpau events that are only accessible to VIPs in order to correlate with it. VIPs are given the opportunity to enter a drawing for cash prizes worth between RM88 and RM888, and there is no registration cost to participate.

Here are the details: VIPs can get in touch with the Winbox customer service team and provide some personal information along with a lucky number of their choice between 0 and 9. Congratulations on winning cash rewards if the first number of the first award matches the number of your choice the following day. If today is not your lucky day, just try again on the next day since this is a daily event that VIPs can participate in.

In a nutshell, the process of becoming a VIP is simple. Once a regular member meets the conditions for a deposit within the allotted period, they are instantly upgraded to VIP status. The number of deposits a player makes over time determines whether they will eventually be promoted to one of the VIP tiers. Some have lifetime VIP tiers, while others have periodic mandatory deposit requirements. Please feel free to reach out to the customer support team for further information.

Available Games

On the popular Malaysia gaming site, gamers get to enjoy numerous slot games, table games, arcade games, and fishing games. Considering the vast number of games available, it could be overwhelming, especially if you are a newbie to online gaming. However, you need not worry. Below are some rewarding games you can get started with on 918Kiss:

918kiss Roulette


This table game is not only popular on 918Kiss but across the online gaming industry. More excitingly, you can enjoy Roulette at any time. Aside from its popularity, Roulette is easy and straightforward to play. As a player, choose your chip amount from the screen and place your bet on your preferred square on the Roulette board to guess the number that will come up after the wheel.

Once all the bets have been placed by the players, the croupier will spin the wheel so the ball can drop into the wheel. However, if you are not playing a live Roulette game, you need to click on the “Spin” button to spin the ball. If your preferred number comes up after spinning the wheel, you win. Several variants of Roulette games are available in 918Kiss.

Roulette available in 918Kiss

918kiss Roulette 24
Roulette 24

If you love table games, Roulette 24 is among the most recommended games to check out. The Roulette variant follows the same gameplay of playing Roulette. You need to stake your bet and choose your preferred number, number combo, color, or even/odd prediction. After spinning the ball in the wheel, you win if you predict correctly. Roulette 24 stands out for its massive payout and fast winning rate.

918kiss Roulette 12
Roulette 12

Here is another interesting Roulette variant worth exploring on 918Kiss. Consider using the 12-number strategy to boost your chances of winning when playing Roulette 12. As with other variants of Roulette, it’s entertaining and rewarding but requires careful planning. During the game, you can choose from any of the 2-1 columns, dozen options, or six. Each set of 12 numbers has its specific advantages and disadvantages. Hence, ensure that you understand your approach before getting started.

918kiss Roulette 73
Roulette 73

This Roulette variant features a number from 0 to 72. This contrasts with the usual 37 numbers or 38 numbers wheel. While it follows the basic Roulette playout, the betting field is arranged in a six by 12 array and zero by the site. With Roulette 73, the probability of winning varies among different bets, including straight, split, trips, corner, street, column, Red/Black, Odd/Even, and Low/High. As the winning numbers vary, so does the pay. For instance, a straight bet with a winning number of 1 pays higher than a Low/High bet with a winning number of 36. Hence, players are encouraged to choose their bet strategically.

918kiss fishing game

Fishing game

Online fishing games feature entertaining gameplay, useful features, and huge rewards. Thus, it’s a betting category that you should consider once you sign up on 918Kiss online casino. While fishing games are not as old as table games such as Roulette and Blackjack, they are an exciting category to make quick money. Whether you choose to play Fishing Star, Da Sheng Nao Hai, or Ocean King, the gameplay is basically similar. Players need to sign up and deposit on the gaming platform. Afterward, you can choose your preferred fishing game. Depending on the amount of money placed to gamble on the fish game, you’ll be awarded a specific number of bullets. With these bullets, you are required to kill as many marine creatures as possible. As you surf across the sea, you will encounter different fishes. Some are bigger, leading to more points. The more point you accumulate, the higher your score will be.

Fishing Game in 918kiss

Li Kui Pi Yu
Li Kui Pi Yu

Considered one of the most rewarding fishing games, Li Kui Pi Yu is hugely fun to play. The game features immersive graphics and an impressive track. Every player needs to catch a big fish. However, before you can make a meaningful winning with Li Kui Pi Yu, the idea is about being intentional about your choice of killing. Since the amount of bullets is limited, you must be strategic. For instance, killing a pufferfish is a waste of bullets during gameplay. Contrarily, aiming for Golden devil fish is more recommended as it is easier to catch with more points. Once your shell becomes more sophisticated, you can be more open about your choice of catches.

Ocean King
Ocean King

If you seek a fishing game with impressive thrills and chills, check out Ocean King. It’s a classic arcade fishing game that will take you across the East seas and the West seas. The game comes in a variety of scenes and creatures. Among the marine animals include Mermaid, Fire dragon, Drago turtle, etc. As with other fishing games, you need to be strategic with how you use your weapons. This is because, in the beginning, the power of the shell tends to be minimal and slower. However, as you win more with an increased level, you will receive more sophisticated weapons. One of the exciting qualities of Ocean King is that six to ten players can compete.

Da Sheng Nao Hai
Da Sheng Nao Hai

Widely referred to as the most played online fishing game in Asia, Da Sheng Nao Hai is popular for many reasons. First off, you can invite your friends to win money together – and not to compete against one another. Relatively, it is easier to play with a lot of exciting actions in the same game. As a player, you’ll receive credit for every sea creature killed by your bullet. Note that different animals offer different numbers of credits. Animals that generate more credits require more bullets to hunt. Ideally, the highest number of credits come from the Da Sheng, otherwise known as Golden Dragon.

Fishing Star
Fishing Star

Here is another interesting fishing game on 918Kiss that will catch your fancy. During the gameplay, you’ll encounter more than 180 different marine creatures in 40 different locations. In other words, it gets more exciting as you surf through the marine life. Players need to change weapons to catch the big and most rewarding fish, though. Every caught fish is recorded in the Fish Book. A special feature on Fishing Star to take advantage of is the Joy-Con which allows you to reel the fish in and catch more with a single throw.

918kiss Video slots

Video Slots

The slot game is one of the most engaged game categories in the online gaming industry. Among the various subgroups of slot games, video slots are even more entertaining. This is because the games come with an extra layer of media. In other words, they are made of multimedia. Video slot games such as Monkey Story Plus, Phoenix, etc., feature reals, buttons, animations, sounds, and thematic graphics. In fact, it is safe to say that video slots are a combo of classic fruit machine and arcade games, giving gamers an unusual gaming experience. Many players prefer video slot games for the extra reels, multiple levels, pay lines, and reels. This further enhances the entertainment level compared to regular slot games. Nevertheless, be informed that video slot games follow the basic working principle. The machine will generate different thousands of numbers, and each figure is associated with different symbol combos. The random number generated at a specific time will determine whether you win or not.

Video Slots in 918Kiss

Monkey Story Plus
Monkey Story Plus

Developed by Vela Gaming, Monkey Story Plus is straightforward to play. The popular video slot game was released in 2016. As a player, you can enjoy the game on your smartphone device or PC. Monkey Story Plus is one of the games available in demo mode on 918Kiss online casino. In other words, you can practice without betting your money. It’s a classic slot game with limited features. However, many players love the game due to the availability of a multiplier with a min/max bet size being 2/100. After practicing with the demo mode, feel free to bet for real and win cool money in no time.

Battle World
Battle World

Here is a revolutionary video slot game worth every penny spent on it. Battle World is an expendable adventure slot game featuring different characters from the Marvel Universe. After registering on 918Kiss and accessing the game catalog, go for Battle World. Once you access the game, you can choose your preferred hero to help rescue your friends and win battles. You need to defeat Thanos in the process. The game doesn’t only feature appealing visuals and tracks; you get to crack the mysterious Thanostones to reveal the mystery character. Take advantage of the Battle Ball to find two surprise heroes during the gameplay.


This is one of the longstanding video slot games. Developed by Gameplay Interactive, Phoenix is an arcade slot game with a Chinese theme. The popular slot game is designed with free spins and multiplier rewards. The game centers around a bird rising from its ashes, trying to create a feeling of hope in the player. The bird represents immortality and rebirth with its flaming red wings. Phoenix comes with five reels and 30 pay lines. Also, there is an associated jackpot with a maximum of 100 credits. Considering that the video slot comes with an Autoplay, you only need to place your bet, and the reel will spin automatically.

918kiss Online Slots 

Online Slots 

Regular slot games are famous in the betting industry. The thrills of razzing up the reels and cashing up big make many bettors stick to slot games for many years. More excitingly, hundreds of slot games are available in online casinos, which are developed by various providers. In this way, a player is never bored by a single type of slot game. Aside from the multiple providers, slot games are available in different themes, including culture, history, movies, legends, etc. Moreso, they come in different pay lines and the number of reels. Nevertheless, every slot game utilizes a random number generator system. This creates random sequences of numbers per millisecond. Hence, the game is always fair. Considering that the numbers are random, the next sequence will not be the same as the previous one. Once you spin the reel, the symbols that will emerge will be determined by the random number generator.

Online Slots in 918Kiss

Jin Qian Wa
Jin Qian Wa

This slot game was inspired by the culture of China. Jin Qian Wa is developed by Playtech with an Oriental theme. Jin Qian Wa features five reels and 40 pay lines. Also, there are wild symbols, free spins, and scatter icons, boosting the chances of winning by the players significantly. Some of the available symbols in the game include yin/yang signs, green dragons, and animal icons. Among the animal icons on Jin Qian Wa are an ivory elephant, a toad, and a gold turtle. Players are also thrilled by the evocative graphics and sound effects. This gives the proper eastern feeling during the gameplay.

Wukong Slots
Wukong Slots

Released in 2021, Wukong is fast becoming the players’ favorite in the gaming industry. The slot game is designed with premium graphics and impressive gameplay. So far, the Wukong Slots game offers 95.72% return with x5255 winning potential. The Asian-themed slot game features the famous martial artist, Wukong, five reels, and 25 pay lines. While the maximum bet is 60 euros per spin, the minimum bet stands at 0.25. Hence, you don’t need a lot of luxury to enjoy the increasingly popular slot game. Wukong slot games also come with bonuses, which are trigged by a lucky symbol combination.

Great Blue Slots
Great Blue Slots

Here is another entertaining slot game on 918Kiss online casino. The great Blue slot was developed by Playtech. The underwater-themed slot game comes with five reels and three rows. Also, the game boasts 25 pay lines, allowing players to win in a great number of ways. While Great Blue features some basic slot qualities, there are some surprises worth looking out for. For instance, stacked wilds are available, and the scatter symbol will give you some decent winnings. An electrifying bonus game will make you play more with 33 free spins. Also, endeavor to take advantage of the 15x multiplier to boost your wins.

Dolphin Reef 
Dolphin Reef 

Playtech is also responsible for the development of the Dolphin Reef slot game. Here is an aquatic-themed slot game featuring a blue background and mesmerizing color combination. This makes Dolphin Reel really attractive from the get-go. The slot game features five reels, three rows, and 25 pay lines. Also, there are substituting wild, scatter symbols, and re-spins to increase your winning rate. During the game, players will encounter different characters. Among them are clownfish, starfish, turtles, and seahorses. These are symbols that represent the standard paying icons. As a player, you can land a maximum of 5000 coins by matching five of the symbols.

Payment Methods

Both withdrawal and deposit processes are convenient and instant, with multiple payment methods to choose from. Once you complete your registration, you can deposit into the betting site via Bank transfer. Also, you can use your preferred method for making a deposit to withdraw your winnings after enjoying your favorite slot game, table game, or fishing game.

Customer Support

An excellent customer support unit is crucial for an online betting site for different reasons. Players may need help with registration, depositing funds, or navigating the casino app or website. Also, they may seek clarification concerning the confidentiality of their gaming activity or the available bonus terms and conditions. Hence, a reliable online casino will be reachable via different channels with helpful representatives in place.

918Kiss has put in place a reliable customer support unit. Regardless of your inquiry, you can reach the unit at any time, as 24/7 live chat support is available. Also, players can contact the support via Telegram and WhatsApp. The representatives were found to be responsive, supportive, and humble. Thus, feel free to contact the team if you have any questions.

918Kiss Test ID 

Test ID is among the unique attributes of 918Kiss. This ID enables registered individuals to enjoy free games on the betting platform. In other words, members are not required to deposit in the 918Kiss betting site before they can access slot games. However, you need to install the 918Kiss app on your device before you can use the Test ID. Also, every money made while enjoying the free game cannot be withdrawn from the betting site. 

After downloading the app, do not use your username and password to log in. Instead, log in with the following details:

User ID: Test 1000 – 100000

Password: 1234

Before proceeding to log in, be informed that “Test 1000 – 10000” means you should submit any number that falls between 1000 and 10000. In other words, there are more than 9000 free login IDs for intending users. Also, if you notice that the login is not successful when you use a set of figures. Consider using a different number within the range. This means that another user is currently using the first set of figures used. Until the user logs out of the system, you won’t be able to use the number.

How to register with 918Kiss

There are two ways to create an account with the 918Kiss online casino. First, you can sign up on the official 918Kiss website.  Secondly, you can also register via Winbox. As a newbie, feel free to choose an ideal option for yourself. To commence your registration, follow the simple guide below:

Referrer info. Using WeChat or other Android scanning apps, scan the registration prompt QR code that can be found in Winbox’s official website. For iPhone user, simply just scan the code using the standard camera.

Registration information. Create your account by choosing a new User ID and password. Enter once again to confirm your password. You may switch to your preferred language on the top right corner.

Verification. Key in your mobile number or email address to receive the activation code via SMS or email. Then enter the OTP.

User Agreement. The very last step is to click on the user agreement. Make sure you have read and agree with it.

How to download the 918Kiss app

The process of downloading the 918Kiss app is quite straightforward. However, there are key things to remember. First off, you need to download the compatible app for your device. Also, it is important to enable your device to download the app from unknown sources. Once these requirements are met, you can proceed to download the app using the following simple guide:

Step 1: Visit the Winbox official website.

Step 2: Download the compatible version for your device, depending on its operating system.

Step 3: Allow the download process to be complete.

Step 4: Click “Install” on your device to start the installation process.

Step 5: Once the installation is successful, the process is complete.

Is 918Kiss Online Casino Safe?

Whether a betting site is safe or not is determined by the availability of certain conditions. These include licenses, available security measures, and players’ feedback. 918Kiss is licensed by international authorities, including the Malaysian Government. Also, the gaming platform utilizes a strong firewall and encryption system to protect users’ privacy and confidentiality. Also, two-factor authentication gives the gaming platform an extra layer of security. This helps keep out phishers, fraudsters, and unethical hackers from the betting app. Hence, it is safe to bet on 918Kiss online casino. 

Final Thoughts

While 918Kiss’s license is not found, the gaming app and website support multiple security measures. In other words, players can enjoy their gaming experience without the fear of losing their personal information. On the betting platform, players can access numerous slot games, table games, arcade games, and fishing games. You’ll find gaming products from some of the most renowned online gaming providers. 

Additionally, the available bonuses and promos on 918Kiss are quite impressive. The terms and conditions are not too difficult to achieve. Likewise, you’ll find the customer support unit to be excellent, with different communication channels to explore. If you ever need help, endeavor to reach out to the unit, especially when it comes to choosing suitable payment methods to deposit and initiate a withdrawal. You can sign up and download the 918Kiss app with the steps shared herein. Feel to take advantage of the 918Kiss Test ID to get familiar with the betting app. Overall, it is a gaming site worth checking out.

FAQ about 918Kiss

Based on the security measures utilized by the betting platform and public review such as licenses, firewall, and encryption system, 918Kiss online casino is one of the safest gaming platforms.

Visit the 918Kiss official homepage or their trustable partner like Winbox to download the 918Kiss app. It’s important to download a compatible app for your device, as both the iOS and Android versions are available.

Players can register with two ways, from the 918Kiss official website or through a 918Kiss’s trustable partner like Winbox by submitting your personal information.

To deposit into your Winbox account to start playing games on 918Kiss, players can deposit via a few ways: e-wallet (Touch n’ Go, EeziePay and Help2Pay), Crypto wallet, instant top-up or bank transfer. There are many bank options available in Winbox like Public Bank, RHB, CIMB, Hong Leong Bank, Maybank and more.

To withdraw winnings after playing 918Kiss from one’s Winbox account could be done via bank transfer or e-wallet (Touch n’ Go, EeziePay and Help2Pay). There are many bank options available in Winbox like Public Bank, RHB, CIMB, Hong Leong Bank, Maybank and more.

For any queries, you can speak with 918Kiss representatives via live chat that is available on Winbox official website. Besides that, you can send messages through email, Telegram, LINE, Facebook, Instagram and even make a phone call.

Bonuses and promotions may vary from platforms. However, Winbox surely gives free credits to appreciate their members. Players can reach out to the customer service crew to claim these free credits. Bear in mind that terms and conditions shall be fulfilled in order to enjoy the free credits on 918Kiss.

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